Who is David Stapleton?

Lets follow Robert (SIFU) McInnes circle as see what more garbage can be discovered. Is this the start of a mountain of fraud perpetrated by associates or Robert (SIFU) McInnes or are they innocent victims ?


Robert (SIFU) McInness and Transvestites

We are not entirely sure, but this may actually be Robert (SIFU) McInnes in drag as he also does visit Hong Kong, which leads us to believe this is a true picture.

We cannot confirm his passion for transvestites or the need to dress up as one,  but if we find this statement  to be false, we will retract this post with an apology.

SureTest Medical

Looking further into Robert (SIFU) McInnes circle of friends and business, it now is unfolding into a newtork of scams involving tax fraud, medical fraud and possible money laundering. Further investigation will be conducted and I will report back, who these people associated with suretest medical and what the news reports on them.

Sports Medicine Connection?

Further research has found that Suretest Medical Australia and Recreational Medical Centre in Australia both share the same postal address.



Addresses to both the above companies point to:

1232 High Street

Is it possible that Robert (SIFU) McInnes is also owner of Recreational Medical Centre in Australia. It is possible and knowing how he conducts business, it just may well be the case.

sir-gee-dorr.com managed by the CONMAN

As some may know, this conman also runs http://www.sir-gee-dorr.com/ , which is about violence. He rakes in millions every year and thinks all his members are suckers for trusting in him and his (alleged) skills in martial arts. Robert (SIFU) McIness is nothing but a thug that promises all at your expense!

Do not give sir-gee-dorr.com ANY MONEY and be careful about becoming a member! Parents, do yourself a favor and place the kiddies somewhere else, as I will show you that he also kills students (even though he was acquitted)